Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Superstar called Hrithik Roshan

12 years back, we came across this young man called Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan launched him twice in KAHO NA PYAAR HAI, I mean in double roles. He acted quite satisfactorily as Rohit and Raj, and as expected, filmfare spoon feed him with awards. Ever since, I have a disbelief on the authentication of that god-damn award show, on the other hand, I wanted him only to win awards, but for FIZA and MISSION KASHMIR and not for his Dad's movie. Fiza and Mission Kashmir came back to back and I had a sudden liking for this Actor, I considered him the best rugged actor of the time. As a fan, I believe that he showed his true metal and fired a sensation as Amaan and Altaaf in FIZA and M ISSION KASHMIR respectively. Then came YAADEIN, and with it came Kareena in his filmography, and thus the two of them, coupled and ruined each other's career as an actor with every new film, this ugly pair came with YAADEIN, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM, MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE and the worst of all, MAIN PREM KI DEEWANI HOON, meanwhile, he wasted time with AAP MUJHE ACHCHE LAGNE LAGE and NA TUM JAANO NA HUM the list was too long, and I was starting to lose hope on him, when Rakesh Roshan came to the rescue and wrote, produced & directed KOI MIL GAYA in 2003, an adaptation of Steven Spielberg's Extra Terrestrial, though he made it very beautifully and technically sound, KMG went on the floors to become a block buster and bollywood finally tasted a success with Sci-fi.

This time, I wasn't surprised for Hrithik winning another Filmfare, I believed he lived the role of the mentally challenged Rohit Mehra up to the T. And then, the rest was history. He played an irresponsible character in LAKSHYA who came of age and went to be a part of the Kargil war, though the film wasn't a box-office success, this film was loved by the critics and class, then came DHOOM 2, Hrithik completely out-played Abhishek Bachchan, people loved him there, though I found Dhoom 2 an exaggeration to a thief's limitations, but anyways, it brought Hrithik his 3rd best actor award, shadowing his effort as a superhero in Koi mil Gaya's remake KRISHH. KRISHH was also a block buster as its prequel. In 2008, Ashutosh Gowariker cast Hrithik for a role of Akbar in the very successful, JODHA AKBAR, opposite Aishwarya Rai. Hrithik not only acted well, he lived 'AKBAR', his speech and every mannerism of him made us wonder, if we could see the original Akbar, and the film was a super hit on the box office and by the critics, and thus the filmfare award again came to one of his favorite masters for the fourth time. The father-son duo finally failed after the previous 3 blockbusters, their next venture was KITES, which flopped miserably, I still wonder what exactly that movie wanted to say, it was genre-less, seriously. The next adventure done by Hrithik was GUZAARISH, it was a take away from a Spanish masterpiece MAR ADENTRO, it wasn't mentioned though, I loved the attempt, Hrithik personally shown his horizons as an actor while acting as a quadriplegic Ethan Mascarenhas in GUZAARISH. After all the larger-than-life characters that he plays, Hrithik surprised everyone with ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA, he plays the role of a regular guy who just wanna be rich in life and despite he wasn't the lead in this flick, this film did belong to him in many ways. And now, He did this remake of AGNEEPATH, which certainly attained Cult status all over again, and the best thing is he did not try being the original Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, instead he played it with a different attitude, and one thing is for sure, I can remark him as the new-age "Angry young Man" now, I loved every ounce of the new version-ed AGNEEPATH. and with this, the superstar has reached a certain milestone, no one can criticize him for not acting anymore or being only a dancer.

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar


  1. I love Hrithik too...n' also i love your writing a lot....!!
    Beautifully written....!!

    I'm just waiting to read up your novel...will surely love that too...!!

    Keep writing...!!
    Happy blogging...!!

    All the best...!!

    1. @shambhavi: thanks yaar... will not let you down... I will write a good book for you.. just wait for a while..

  2. To Be Honest, If Rakesh Roshan was not his father, he might've been an engineer by now, my verdict, yes I dont like him coz there are much better actors that are badly struggling with the system to make their break. I mean is it right to applause someone who is silver spooned, The point is Who is bigger ? Dhirubhai Ambani aur Mukesh Ambani, hope you got my point....

    1. You can't deny talent, if someone is silver spooned. Of course Dhiru Bhai Ambani is bigger than Mukesh Ambani, but you can never deny the fact that making a fortune is a big deal, but preserving it well is no joke. I agree, there are great actors who are struggling in the way, but Hrithik is not occupying a space that could be filled by a talented new comer. your point of view relates well with actors like zayed khan and tusshar kapoor... but not him in my opinion.

  3. Koi is blog ki lights jala do....hehhe...but seriously....brighten up the background color so that reading becomes easier

  4. thanks for the suggestion... working on a new look.. will let you see my work soon..



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